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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This blog will be for different things that I do as a "hobby" that I find helps me heal from the pain of my miscarriage in March of 2008. My #1 thing is crocheting and it seems I am crocheting most of the time for others with babies or that are pregnant. It's a way for me to give as its a way for me to join in with their joy as hard as it is for me to want that little joy in me as well which I am coping with each day with His help. When I am crocheting my mind just rests like never before. It's an amazing hobby and I am thankful for crochet hooks and yarns! :)

"For the LORD your God will bless you in all your harvest and in all the work of your hands, and your joy will be complete." Deut 16:15b NIV

My other hobby that I just started is making boutique bows for girls. This is something someone brought to my attention and since I have a room full of crafts in our "baby room." I started to clean out this room lately and making it into a prayer, library, and craft room... Ooooo and its full of butterflies... Yes I LOVE butterflies!

Well I hope that you join my journey as I heal and show that the Lord has blessed me with hands to create such beautiful things.

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  1. Hey, Melanie- I really need to get a hobby. My mom loves crocheting, too. Maybe I should try to pick it up sometime!

    Sadly, I think AF's on her way (high temp today still, but I'm spotting). :( What an awful week - too many "encouraging" temps - I wish they weren't so high if I wasn't going to be pregnant!

  2. Yaaaaay crocheting! I need to start again, I have a gorgeous cowl that would be SO wonderful for these freezing winter months! I'll take a picture when it's finished!

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